The Eastern Window

  All items are guaranteed original.
  Descriptions are given with the highest care and are made
  while screen colours are set to True colours, 32 bits.

  Items are sold for the price mentioned.
  Shipment and cheque clearance costs are added.

  You pay the real postage costs (see
  For postage costs vary from region to region I can't
  write them all down but I'll give an indication for costs for
  letterbox sizes parcels.

                            cdv  size             8 x 11 upto 350gr.
  To all countries:
  Priority mail         €  4.20                €  8.40

  Please find a link below to a pup up version of the currency converter 

  Payment options are as follows:

  A. By creditcard via PayPal. For this option you need to 
      have an account with PayPal. Please go to their site to open
      an account.  

      If you have an account I will provide the email address
      details you need.           

B. Via banktransfer. I will provide my bankdetails if you opt for
      this option. 

  Items are dispatched once payment has been received. 
  If you like to purchase an item please send me an
  email in which you mention the following:
                 code of the photo (found below/beside photo)
                 title of the photo
                 your name and address details.

  I'll come back to you as soon as possible with available
  shipment options and their costs.

  After you've notified me which shipment and payment 
  option you prefer I'll send you an invoice.

  In case the description was not correct - you can return the
  item within 7 days after you have received it.
  Upon return I will refund the purchase and shipment costs.

  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

  The Eastern Window   VAT ID:  NL001583725B19
  KvK: 06085669